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Take Advantage of What Smart Parking Solutions Have to Offer

03 Sep
smart parking solutions

In the age of digital technology, smart parking solutions are starting to gain attention over traditional parking methods. Searching for a parking spot has become a time consuming and frustrating process that a lot of citizens have to go through.

How can this problem be fixed? The answer is smart parking. But, what is it?

Smart Parking Explained

Smart parking is essentially a solution that encompasses sensors and cameras installed near the parking areas being monitored. These IoT devices detect whether parking slots are available or in use by someone else. They can even help you find free parking slots. The sensors are embedded in or near the parking spaces and transmit data directly to the operator through a user-friendly dashboard.

A key component of smart parking solutions is the smartphone, in which consumers can download apps that connect them with a real-time smart parking platform. This information lets drivers know the current availability status of specific parking spots.

Smart Parking Benefits for Drivers

  • Takes the stress out of searching for an open parking space
  • Makes finding a parking slot predictable and reliable
  • Cuts down on street traffic searching for parking
  • Less fuel is wasted by motorists
  • Creates safer and more focused driving conditions

Due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road compared with the last century, it's important for the business community to work together at finding efficient parking solutions. With over a billion cars and trucks on the planet and another billion on the way within the next few decades, it's crucial to cut down on traffic congestion.

Smart parking is part of that solution, since it provides time-saving insights on where to park. Ultimately, it helps people get to work and appointments on time.

Parking Lot Business Benefits

  • Expanded revenue streams
  • Automated solution requires less staff and cuts costs
  • Real-time data with parking trend details
  • New branding and service possibilities that impress customers
  • Reducing pollution promotes corporate social responsibility

One of the ways in which smart parking can increase revenue streams is that it allows you to create tiers. Special parking slots, for example, can command higher prices. Perhaps you can even offer reserved slots that create greater walking convenience for the driver. By enhancing the customer experience, you can attract repeat business.

Lot owners can use both real-time data and long-term analytics to learn more about their parking customers and make policy adjustments.

Benefits of Smart Parking for Municipalities

Municipalities are looking at investing in smart parking for many of the same benefits that drivers and parking operators enjoy. Not only does it help cut costs, but contributes to a cleaner environment, which has become a hot topic with all levels of government. The benefits of smart parking for municipalities are numerous. Adopting smart parking, municipalities can:

  • increase annual revenue
  • let residents know the city cares about the environment
  • parking enforcement track parking more efficiently
  • allow for more accurate accounting
  • identify traffic jam areas


Parking operators should consider smart parking solutions because they provide convenience to both operators and users of the technology. It's a more seamless way to collect money through virtual methods. This ground-breaking concept saves everyone involved time and money and generates more accurate accounting results than traditional parking solutions. Ultimately, it's a good bet smart technology will keep getting smarter.


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