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How Smart Utilities Are Modernizing Cities

22 Feb
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Smart technologies are helping cities unlock several economic opportunities, like attracting an inflow of talent that leads to a rise in GDP. Additionally, the development of these smart cities is also transforming other municipal sectors, such as energy, transportation, law enforcement, and construction. Utilities, specifically, will play a primary role in smart cities due them already being connected with businesses and residents. The reason smart utility adoption is spreading across the planet steadily is because it will create new revenue streams, while leading the way toward a more efficient society.

Planning for Digital Transformation

The new digital infrastructure will be built with omnipresent sensors that connect with the Internet for utilities and city officials to monitor. They will collect a wealth of data about energy and water consumption, which can then be analyzed to determine how resources are allocated. These smart utility information systems will not only improve efficiency, but they will also accelerate infrastructure decision-making.

Building a smart network lays the groundwork that connects all these data-gathering devices into one seamless platform. Ultimately, it will improve services and quality of life for residents and workers, while achieving cities’ sustainability goals. In the process, it will open the floodgates for new economic opportunities.

How Real-Time Data Empowers Cities and Residents

The concept of real-time data monitoring has profound implications for streamlining infrastructure. Not only will it allow utilities to address equipment issues faster, but it will also give its customers the information they need to make adjustments for cost-saving benefits. In that sense, data will become like a digital currency that helps people make better financial decisions.

Utilities will need to follow several steps in order to deploy these new technologies effectively. The skill level of employees, for example, will need to be improved through training in the installment and testing of smart devices. An issue affecting city staffing is the tendency to use silos that limit employee skills and productivity. The solution toward a more intelligent ecosystem is cross-department collaboration with shared networks.

Sharing resources will be one of the keys to cutting costs and improving services. Integrated networks can still be segmented for security reasons. Common platforms within an organization also allow for more expanded ways to collect real-time analytics.

Methods for Utilities to Ensure Success of Smart Cities

In the development of a smart city, here are some essential aspects for success:

  • Integration of new technology - the growth of IoT devices will demand constant adaption and integration with new applications
  • Putting processes in place for collecting diverse data – this will allow city planners to take more proactive steps for improving quality of life, and broader data collection will also help utilities select more productive partners and stronger standards to meet social demands
  • Better community interaction - by expanding market research, utilities will be able to reduce energy waste, creating better customer satisfaction and loyalty through their proactive efforts to lower energy bills


The Need for Innovative Technology

Hyperconnected technology will revolutionize society on many levels. Not only will it help people make more conscious decisions about lifestyle habits and expenses, but it will also potentially create new markets for utility revenue. It will certainly improve utility operations to be more sustainable and open the door for greater flexibility.

The more IoT sensors are deployed, the more intelligence will be collected to make smart utility decisions. It will create more advanced and efficient solutions for data transmission and storage, as well as provide countless other insights.

To learn more about this next-generation digital transformation, check out smart city technology guide.


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