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The Future is Here: Smart Street Lights are Coming to a Street Near You

22 Aug

Nowadays, it seems like everything is getting smarter. From refrigerators to washing machines, thermostats and beyond, just about every appliance used in the home and the workplace is being programmed to connect to the web, gather copious amounts of data and ultimately prove that much more efficient. Street lights are becoming intelligent, thanks to rapid advancements in technology. It is possible that smart street lights will dramatically alter the manner in which municipalities manage their public spaces while simultaneously saving taxpayers a ton of money. After all, street lighting chews up more than one-third of most cities' aggregate energy costs, so improvements in lighting technology are welcomed with open arms by municipalities across the globe.

Intelligent Street Lights Represent Big Savings

Local governments are constantly on the prowl for new and creative ways to reduce energy usage, cut costs and improve safety. Smart street lights just might be the solution. Smart LED luminaires save municipalities upwards of 80% in energy cost reductions. Furthermore, smart LEDs save local governments even more money with programmed adjustments that dim, brighten or otherwise alter lights as necessary. In fact, the lights of tomorrow can even be programmed to turn on when there is motion in the immediate area and subsequently turn off after a certain amount of time passes.

Smart Lighting Does More Than Illuminate

Smart lighting technology has advanced to the point that it does more than merely light up the city street below. This tech has progressed to the point that it assists in the monitoring of traffic, public parking and even gauging alterations in the atmosphere. Some smart street lights even monitor seismic activity to boot. In fact, it is now possible to connect speakers to street lights to notify people when potentially dangerous conditions loom. Some smart street lights even feature cameras that help authorities solve crimes. The end result of smart lighting is an enhancement in illumination, a safer city, happier citizens and reduced municipality costs.

Street Lights Can Provide Information in Real-Time

Use your mind's eye to imagine a city street light equipped with speakers, a camera and sensors. The light transmits data in real-time to police and emergency personnel. This information is used to prompt a rapid response from authorities when danger or disaster looms. Such technology empowers police to respond to those in need of assistance without extensive delay. This is just one example of how the street lights of tomorrow will make life better and safer for everyone.

Smart Lighting's Impact on the Bottom Line

Smart lighting has the potential to significantly reduce municipal government spending. These futuristic lights use less electricity to ultimately save that much more taxpayer dollars. In fact, smart lighting even boosts revenue opportunities through the use of WiFi hotspots and/or the placement of digital signs. Plenty of businesses would be willing to advertise on digital signs attached to smart lights. The revenue from these ads goes directly to the municipality, freeing up taxpayer dollars for all sorts of other purposes.

Smart street lights are only one of the many advances coming our way in the months and years ahead.


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