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Chicago’s Smart City Initiative

Chief Information Officer Brenna Berman’s vision of transforming Chicago into the “most data-driven government in the world.” The sensors will collect data on everything from traffic, air quality, sound levels, temperature, and the water levels on streets and gutters. The information from the sensors, which will help inform city planning decision and longer term research, will be publicly available for citizens to analyze.


Recent research conducted by the Research4Sea technology award Winner! The maritime industry more amenable to adopting analytic, management and operational tools applied through IoT than many commentators have supposed. But how IoT-based solutions can offer the maritime industry a way of solving problems in response to rising future challenges and especially to environmental concerns?

Big Data is big Business

Innovation and Technology

With sensors and IoT, added data can be collected at 270,000 points in the city. The city already has 600 data sets on its open data portal for planners and app partners. Rich in data, the city has the foundation for a smart city platform. With open data, the city is not going it alone with only its own money. A wealth of open data is leading to open source projects and strategic partnerships.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has stated that he wants to transform Chicago into “the most data-driven government in the world.” That means it must catch and pass the leadership of cities such as Barcelona, Copenhagen, London and Singapore.