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18 Mar

Why Utilities are Adopting Smart Water Networks

smart water networks

Utilities are steadily upgrading to smart water networks to prepare for rising energy and water demands in the coming decades. This technology enables a water utility to maximize efficiency by using real-time data to address system weaknesses. To start creating a smart network, water utilities must first set priorities on

17 Mar

How Smart Gas Fuels Smart Cities

smart gas

How Smart Gas Fuels Smart CitiesThe rise of smart cities began with utilities and is spreading across other industries. Cities and municipalities have seen so much progress with cost-cutting and more effective decision-making that they are moving toward smart infrastructures on a wider scale.Here are the ways smart gas is

16 Mar

Smart Grids in Smart Cities

smart grids

Smart cities are built with infrastructures that facilitate changing technology. The use of IoT devices in electricity grids is forming the basis of a smart grid. Interactive AI technology is one of the building blocks of this new system. Automation software is playing a major role in the transformation to

26 Feb

Smart Metering and IoT in Smart Cities

smart metering

The concept of smart metering can impact nearly every industry as connectivity and Big Data have become essential building blocks for improving systems and everyday life. Issues surrounding connectivity include cost and data management, but once smart systems are in place, it can lead to rapid improvements in efficiency.Using Technology

25 Feb

IoT and Smart Water Quality Monitoring System

smart water system

It’s common for businesses within industries that rely on clean water, like agriculture and textiles, to be concerned about water quality for the care of their employees and customers. Water monitoring programs can provide multiple solutions beyond improving water quality. Thanks to numerous advancements in IoT, it’s now easier for

22 Feb

How Smart Utilities Are Modernizing Cities

smart utility

Smart technologies are helping cities unlock several economic opportunities, like attracting an inflow of talent that leads to a rise in GDP. Additionally, the development of these smart cities is also transforming other municipal sectors, such as energy, transportation, law enforcement, and construction. Utilities, specifically, will play a primary role